Dynamo Accelerator

The Dynamo Accelerator provides capital and mentorship to tenacious and unconventional founders operating in the logistics, supply chain, and transportation industries


Our MO

IMG_6052We believe that people are the fundamental unit of any organizations. Extraordinary founding teams have the ability to identify the needs of their end markets, build market-changing products, and efficiently distribute them. We support founders through this process in an effort to gain early traction with pilot and trial opportunities.

Accelerators are not about capital. They are about advice, structure, and the network a company gains. That being said, our accelerator provides $30,000 for 6% in an effort to cover the basic costs of building your business with us in Chattanooga. In select cases, we are willing to negotiate terms of the investment that best align a company and the Dynamo Accelerator.

Some businesses may not need to raise additional funds. For those who do, though, we are well positioned to make introductions to investors and strategic partners.

Our Program

dynamodemo16-270Every nine months, our 12 week program runs in Chattanooga, TN- The Dynamo of Dixie. In 2017, our program begins on May 1 and will culminate on July 20. We design the program around helping each company earn one or more pilot/trial opportunity upon completion.

We program is structured as three four-week phases: Shape, Build, Sell.

Shape focuses on identifying key risks in the business, customer discovery, and shaping key parts of the business (engineering, go-to-market/sales, marketing, etc). We make early introductions to potential pilot or trial customers, as well as mentors, who can help founders think through risks in their product, business, and operations.

Build focuses on iteration- both product and business-related- based on feedback from the former phase. In addition, we also urge founders to focus on their sales funnel in an effort to build on the fundamentals of their business, starting with revenue.

Sell, the final phase of the program, finalizes pilots and sales from the companies’ time in the program. Additionally, we make formal introductions to investors who might be interested in participating in the fundraising process.

Given we take a limited number of companies per batch, our three MDs and  Director are able to spend ample time each week working with companies. Advice is not one-size fits all, and this level of interaction allows us to dispense relevant and personalized perspective to each founding team.

Who Do We Look For?

dynamodemo16-34Our industry focus reflects what our team and community know best: logistics, supply chain, and transportation. This allows us to draw on relevant insight, experience, and connections to assist founders. We maintain a liberal perspective on our industry so please apply even if you’re unsure as to whether you fit our industry focus or not.

We encourage early stage companies to apply and are structured to engage with teams who have raised outside capital. Regardless of capital raised, we bring the most value to companies who have their founding team solidified and are building their initial product offering. We’re most helpful in the following two stages:

  • Working with Pre-seed/Seed companies to conduct customer discovery so their product can achieve product/market fit sooner
  • Help founding teams in the Pre-Series A phase amplify their sales efforts through introductions and sales strategy guidance

We know that transformative business come from small teams in the most unlikely locations. Many times, such businesses appear silly and are misunderstood. If you’re unclear about the benefits or on whether your company is a fit, we urge you to submit an application.

Our Partners

Our partners are committed to engaging with startups by providing mentorship, pilot opportunities, and access to their networks.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are committed to supporting our companies through community events, technical tools, and professional services.

Our Mentors

The common adage at Dynamo is that mentors are magic. We have over 100 mentors across industry, investment, and startups volunteer their time to support founders. Mentors support companies on their journey by offering advice on a variety of topics including: customer discovery, sales, marketing, product, design, engineering, fundraising, and more.

Lisa Coca

Managing Director
GE Ventures

Ryan Petersen


David Caines


Rimas Kapeskas

Managing Director

Peer Bentzen

EVP, Business Development
Post - eCommerce - Parcel Deutsche Post DHL

Bill Chimley

General Manager

Ben Gibson

Manager, Import Planning and Logistics

Jeremy Bodenhamer

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Meet the Team

The Dynamo Accelerator is a year-round effort powered by a handful of dedicated individuals coming from all walks of life.

Ted Alling

Managing Director

Barry Large

Managing Director

Allan Davis

Managing Director

Santosh Sankar


Jon Bradford

Executive Advisor

Rachel Hanson

Associate Director

Katlyn Whittenburg

Social Media

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