We invest in extraordinary founders building startups that can transform global trade and commerce.

We are equipped to support founders through the seed spectrum in their effort to transform global trade and commerce. We are focused on what we dub “logistics technology” that encompasses supply chain and transportation.

The Future of Supply Chain

On each episode of the Future of Supply Chain, we sit down with a different entrepreneur, investor, or industry veteran to discuss their story, views on the industry, and how we can collectively build the future of supply chain.

Our belief is that people are the fundamental unit of any organization.

Extraordinary founding teams have the ability to identify the needs of their end markets, build market-changing products, and efficiently distribute them. We look for founders who are contrarian in thought, complementary in skill set, tenacious in approach, audacious with goals, and execution focused.

Partner with an experienced team

We're complementary, much like the founding teams we back, and aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves to help our founders.

Ted Alling

Allan Davis

Barry Large

Santosh Sankar

Jon Bradford

Dynamo Dispatch

Weekly update from Dynamo covering the latest and greatest in commerce and trade, #logisticstechnology, and building venture-scale businesses.

We maintain a global portfolio

A selection of the extraordinary founders and startups we've invested with.